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WordPress themes plus UX designs

With WordPress themes, websites can be created quickly and cheaply. Higher design demands, on the other hand, cannot always be realized. Especially when existing corporate designs need to be presented in a stringent manner, themes fall short.

Classic self-programmed websites, on the other hand, are becoming more and more expensive because the development of a website is much more complex today than it was a few years ago.

We have therefore developed a product that strikes a balance between an off-the-shelf theme and self-programmed websites. This way you can save high programming costs.

A real alternative.

Premium Websites (Dirk Middeldorf Web Consulting)

From Mockup to Premium Website

We first develop a concept as a mockup in Sketch and Invision. Then we develop the design of the individual templates. For self-programmed websites, a programmer would normally convert the PSD files into HTML/CSS. A complex process. We save ourselves this because this effort is not necessary in the vast majority of cases. Instead, we work with a ready-made, extremely flexible theme that allows us to implement the design directly in the WordPress backend. Our programmer now only has to make minor CSS adjustments.

Content Management and OnPage SEO

Content management and OnPage SEO are today hardly to be separated. Google is now able to recognize good and suitable content without having to resort to outdated SEO tricks. We write your texts or adapt delivered texts to your SEO goals. We advise on the information architecture of your website. We search for the right images from databases or find good photographers who understand the web. We optimize your images for the best website performance.

Multilanguage with Polylang or WPML

On request, we can also implement your premium website in several languages. We use Polylang and  WPML, the best WordPress plug-ins for professional translations.

Examples for Premium Websites

Good prices

Premium websites are available from 3000 euros.