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WordPress websites should be regularly maintained and kept up-to-date. On the one hand, the technical world keeps turning, on the other hand, a website should always be fast and secure. The mere fact that the majority of all websites are programmed in WordPress makes it attractive for hackers to program WordPress malware and send it around the world. The motive is usually to distribute links to advertising offers.

Poor accessibility and long waiting times frustrate customers

In most cases, DMWC takes over the maintenance and further development of a website after it has been created by us. However, from time to time clients come to us who already have a website but are looking for a service agency. There are agencies that only concentrate on the creation of websites, but further development, maintenance and servicing is not part of their business model. The consequences are often poor availability for urgent problems, long implementation times and high costs.

This is where we come in and often “take over” clients from other agencies.

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Our offer

We conclude a care and maintenance contract with you that is tailored to your website and your needs. We usually respond to requests on the same day. We can be reached by phone, email or, if you wish, we can also provide a ticket system in which you can set deadlines yourself.

What does the care and maintenance of your WordPress website include?

Initial check and maintenance of the system: improvement of speed and security (if necessary), check of imprint and data protection (technical, no legal advice), suggestions for improvement of the user guidance, binding SSL and Cookie-Notice, if not already in place, check of hosting and if necessary suggestion for optimisation, check of the plugins used for their quality – in case of doubt deletion or replacement.

Monthly update of WordPress, theme and plugins, check of the page status, necessary optimisations, update PHP, backups.

Carrying out necessary repairs caused by maintenance due to incompatibilities.

Minor changes and updates to content and structure.

Support of the employees who are responsible for the content maintenance of the website (blog, news, product maintenance, etc.).

We define the exact scope of services in the maintenance contract. As a rule, extensions and improvements to the website concept are not included. We offer these additionally according to effort and month for 80€ per hour (billing in 15-minute intervals). Also excluded are repairs of errors for which we are not responsible, i.e. errors made by others or caused by plugins or themes that are no longer maintained.

Reachability and implementation times

As a rule, we respond promptly to requests. That means within an hour or the next morning, when we are not at work anymore. If an immediate response is possible and necessary, it will be given. In any case, however, you will be informed quickly about the time of processing if we cannot react immediately. This is the case, for example, if we have to get other experts on board or are dependent on the support of the software providers.


We charge 99€ per month or 999€ per year in advance for our maintenance contracts. Minimum contract period 1 year, thereafter can be cancelled monthly.