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WordPress and WooCommerce

Webshop projects quickly devour tens of thousands of dollars and their development takes correspondingly long. For founders or sellers who want to supplement their own marketplace on the Web, large solutions such as Magento or Shopware with connected merchandise management do not target the budget.

We therefore develop smart solutions on the basis of WordPress and WooCommerce, which are exactly the right thing at the beginning of a start-up. You can test the marketability of your products without spending a lot of money. Our webshop can also be the prototype for a larger solution.

Webshops (Dirk Middeldorf Web Consulting)

Functions in the Webshop

Our webshop has all the functions of a webshop including common payment functions such as Paypal, credit card and instant bank transfer. There is also a merchandise management system with basic functions. Since the web shop is implemented in WordPress, you also receive a complete CMS for further pages or a blog. If your solution focuses on the company website and the webshop is only connected, our product is also the right solution. In this case, we will add a web shop to our Basic website.


littleYOU Webshop

littleYOU specialises in the sale of high-quality and sustainable goods for babies and children. A web shop has now been added to the shop in The Hague.

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Van Dyck Kaffee

The Cologne coffee roaster Van Dyck stands for excellent coffee – fair and organic. Van Dyck imports 60 tons of coffee a year, supplies both restaurants and private individuals and offers barista courses. In Mülheim there is a roasting plant and a café.

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Good prices

Webshops are available from 2.499 Euro.