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DMWC uses the Impreza theme for most projects. If you are interested in websites with Impreza or have already realized a website with Impreza and need support, we are the right experts for you. We have realized over 50 projects with this theme. Take advantage of this expertise.

What is Impreza?

Impreza is a so-called “Multi Purpose Theme”. These themes have ready-made demos that you can use. But the great power of these themes lies in their flexibility – which is unique here. You can do almost anything with them. We rarely use the demos, but start almost every project “from scratch”. We distinguish between our basic websites, which are designed and built directly in the theme. For our premium websites we first design the most important templates and create them in Photoshop or Sketch. These templates we build directly in the theme with a little custom CSS. Subordinate pages such as contact etc. are derived.

But a theme? We can’t be individual enough and the design quality, well …

We understand reservations about themes: no distinctive design, too slow, too bloated. Designers do not like themes because they are limited in their work. Programmers complain about poor programming quality and too long loading times. This is true for many themes, but not for Impreza. All these problems have been solved.

What is the advantage over other themes?

With Impreza you can build completely individual websites without high programming costs. We are fast, cheap and still deliver top quality. Impreza has perfectly integrated the WPBakery Composer, Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types UI. The theme has a great header builder, content templates, page blocks and the best grid builder we have seen so far. The theme options give us great possibilities to define colors, fonts, layouts, portfolios, blogs, etc. exactly. There are also measures to improve code and speed.

Another advantage is that with the integrated Page Builder the page can be expanded quickly without breaking the design. For example, if there is an event or if something is to be added to the page temporarily, companies can react very quickly without having to go back all the way through concept, design and programming.

Impreza is also evolving rapidly. Almost every month there are new features, and they’re not gimmicks, but tools that will take any professional far.

We’ve tested many multi-purpose themes like Divi, Enfold, Uncode, The7 etc., they’re all not bad, but they don’t come close to Impreza in terms of flexibility and UX.

Where are the limits of a multi-purpose theme?

To give professionals a rule of thumb: With Impreza you can realize pages in the budget range up to 10.000 Euro. For larger projects with special requirements, high user interactivity and strongly brand-oriented sites, it is advisable to use completely in-house developments. We cover these projects with our enterprise websites. But here too, you can learn from Impreza and break open some well-worn workarounds.

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