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Project Management

I have over 20 years of experience in managing digital projects, especially in the realization of WordPress and WooCommerce websites. My clients appreciate my very good accessibility, adherence to schedules and budget. My solutions are always customer and service oriented. My philosophy for the team is to work as freely and goal-oriented as possible.

I basically work with a small software suite, which I use on the one hand to keep all the threads together, but on the other hand to make sure that the project runs calmly and stress-free (for example by avoiding too many notifications). I work with Basecamp, also have experience with Trello, Meistertask, Slack, etc.


You can also book my agency products as outsourcing. My basic websites, premium websites and webshops are especially suitable for this. The following cooperation models are possible:

An agency has an order for a complete rebranding, but no capacities or not the know-how to fulfill the website part itself.

An agency receives a request for a website, but has no capacity or the project is too small. 

An agency is specialized in another CMS, but request is explicitly related to WordPress.

I can take over the project completely or implement a given design. I can take over the project alone or involve my team. I can also complement an existing team as a project manager and/or WordPress expert.

Websites delivered by me are built using WordPress and Impreza. I adhere to the following quality guidelines:

Google Page Speed above 90 points, often significantly more.

No use of demo templates. I always work from-scratch.

Use of as few plugins as possible (no form builders, header builders, grid builders, slider plugins, popup builders, etc.).

Use of important premium plugins for page speed, security, backup, etc.

If required, use of Advanced Custom Fields Pro and Custom Post Type UI for Dynamic Content.

I don’t think it makes sense to use Gutenberg at this point, because development is not far enough along and page speed goals can be achieved differently. But I keep an eye on the development.

PM & Outsourcing

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