DMWC was founded in 2009 by Dirk Middeldorf and is a web consulting agency, hence the name DMWC. We primarily build websites.

From the beginning we have worked as a remote agency and we do this with conviction until today.

That means: We don’t have an agency office, but work from different cities with a flexible team of three freelance programmers and designers each from Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin and Würzburg.

Remote working is possible by using software such as Basecamp, Invision, Slack or Zoom.

The advantage for us: We can work very freely and keep the fixed costs low. The advantage for our customers: We are fast, good and cheap. We are interested in long lasting customer relationships and therefore we pay attention to a high satisfaction of our customers.

Owner Dirk Middeldorf

Dirk Middeldorf came into contact with the Internet in 1996 through a part-time job at the German television company WDR. Here the first websites for the customer  service were just built. In 2000, he became an online editor at a company commissioned by the WDR, where he put the topic of social media on the agenda and rose to become head of the agency division. In 2009 he started his own business with DMWC and since then has advised and supported hundreds of clients.

He holds a degree in Media Economics and focuses his work on consulting, coordination, budgets and schedules. He is also an expert in working with WordPress themes.